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Top Touring Coaches!

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Top Touring Coaches!


People often ask "what are the coaches like?"  when they are thinking of joining a coach tour.


Will we be comfortable enough?


How many people are travelling?


Can we sit near a window?


The answer to the first question is, of course you will be comfortable enough on one of the most modern and luxurious coaches that are around today.


Answering the second question, coaches can fit up to 50 people but most have around 40-45 people travelling at any one time.


The third question can be answered by explaining that most tour operators have a policy on seat rotation whereby passengers change seats every few days giving all passengers the opportunity to sit at the front, middle and back of the coach and gives everyone the opportunity to mix with fellow travellers on their coach tour.



Expat Explore’s Coaches

On tour your safety and comfort is their highest priority. Expat Explore uses a fleet of modern coaches for their various tours across Europe and other destinations. The coaches come equipped with reclining seats, safety belts and an on-board toilet. Coaches are also air-conditioned for your comfort and have large windows for viewing the scenery as you travel through Europe.

As well as comfort, coaches have also been designed for your entertainment needs so include DVD players and stereo sound systems. For the duration of the tour the coach is like your second home, and your Expat Explore driver will take care to maintain its cleanliness. Seat rotation is also an Expat Explore policy ensuring everyone has an opportunity to sit at the front, middle and back of the coach.
Your Cosmos coach is a quiet smooth-riding high cruiser, equipped with: Soft, semi-reclining lounge seatsHuge panoramic windowsA high-fidelity sound systemAir-conditioningWi-Fi.
For all passengers comfort, all Cosmos coaches are non-smoking, but there are plenty of opportunities to smoke during the frequent stops.
 How long you are on the coach for depends on the itinerary,  but even if you are travelling all day,  the coach will make frequent stops for photo-opportunities / viewpoints and of course,  comfort stops.
Cosmos also aim never to be travelling non-stop for more than 2-3 hours.All Cosmos tours also operate a seat-rotation system. This ensures that everyone rotates (with their travelling companion) around the coach,  and will spend some time towards the front of the coach, and some time on either side, thus giving everyone a different perspective.  The only exception to this might be if there were fellow-travellers with access or mobility needs, but even in such cases, they will be allocated seats convenient for the exits, not simply the front seats.


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