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Coach Tours of Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Israel

A coach tour of Greece

Greece is a must for anyone interested in both rich cultural history and glorious sun drenched beaches. The birth of Western civilization is often considered to have originated in Ancient Greece, and the modern Olympic Games as we know today were also inspired by the Greeks which held their ancient Olympic Games in Olympia from the 8th to the 4th century AD. Add to that their influences in politics, philosophy, writing, maths, art, acting and architecture, what’s not to love about this extraordinary country.

Take an escorted trip to Athens and find a world of ancient wonder to explore. See the mighty Temple of Olympian Zeus, dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, and wander through the ancient Acropolis and admire its treasures, including the awesome Parthenon. Cross southwest to the archaeological site of Mycenae, join an escorted walking tour through the Lion Gate, and be transfixed by the extraordinary Beehive Tombs. Next, travel across the spectacular Mountains of Arcadia and head to the ancient city of Olympia. Take in the site of the very first Olympic Games, and stand in awe at the mighty temples dedicated to the gods Zeus and Hera. To round off a truly unique Greek experience, why not indulge in some Greek cuisine and enjoy a tasty meze, washed down with some delicious wine. 

Turkey has always been a very popular destination to visit because of its vast amount of historical treasures and blazing sunny beaches. As you wander through this enchanting land, layers of spellbinding history unfold before your eyes and seduce your senses. From the legendary city of Troy to the mighty Ottoman Sultans, you will be utterly amazed at the sights and sounds you’ll encounter. 

Explore the delights of Istanbul and be prepared to fall in love with the magnificent monuments, fascinating museums and bustling bazaars. Take time to visit Aya Sofya, known for its extraordinary beauty, this sublime structure is now a museum showcasing some of the most exquisite artefacts in the world. Topkapı Palace is another treasure not to be missed, once the court of the Ottoman Empire and famous for its Harem. 

Journey into the Gallipoli peninsula, infamous for its tragic military history in the Great War, then seek out the ancient city of Troy and be transfixed by the giant replica of the Trojan Horse. Head to the Aegean region and the fabulous city of Pamukkale, soak up the luxurious atmosphere of hot springs and travertines, and then bath in the thermal pools. If that’s not enough, enjoy the spectacular scenery at Cappadocia, best experienced with an escorted tour to fully appreciate the dreamy landscape. Marvel at the honeycombed rocks, fairy chimneys and other fantastical sights. 

Egypt is another destination filled with spectacular antiquities from ancient times. Join a guided tour in Giza to witness the majestic Sphinx and world renowned pyramids, and enter the Valley of the Kings, burial place of Tutankhamun and many other Pharaohs. 

Not far away is the biblical Land of Israel, a fascinating country where the Holy City of Jerusalem can be found. Jerusalem is the sacred spiritual hub for all Christians, Jews and Muslims, and attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Get an insight into Judaism and see for yourself the magnificent Wailing Wall. Visit the tomb of King David on Mount Zion and see the Cenacle - the Room of the Last Supper. Take a guided tour to Nazareth and enrich your biblical knowledge by visiting the sites held sacred by both Christians and Muslims, such as the Church of the Nativity - the birthplace of Christ.

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