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Coach Tours of Southern USAMississippi river

Southern comfort

The exhilarating sights and sounds in Southern USA are a feast for your senses. Experience the rich cultural heritage in places like New Orleans in the Deep South, discover the wonderful musical legacies in Memphis and soak up the Art Deco atmosphere in Miami, all enhanced by the legendary Southern hospitality. The people of the South have a reputation for their warm and welcoming attitude to visitors, and are renowned for their kindness and generosity. The rich political history and culture of the Deep South is fascinating and only adds to its charm and appeal. This makes visiting this captivating and thrilling place a must in anyone’s bucket list. 

The spice of life

The spicy Creole cuisine in New Orleans is world famous and an experience not to be missed. Often referred to as the Big Easy, this Louisiana city on the Mississippi River is also famous for its winter Mardi Gras, a festival of flamboyant parades, vibrant music and entertaining street parties. The best time to go is late February which you can enjoy on Trafalgar’s Tastes and Sounds of the South with Mardi Gras tour. 

Rock around the clock

The musical heritage in the South is just as compelling. The sweet sound of jazz, blues and rock & roll all originated in the Deep South, with its legacy still going strong today. Pay a visit to Graceland, the extravagant home of Elvis in Memphis, or take time to find the Sun Studio where Elvis and the likes of Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded their songs. If you’re a fan of country music, Nashville, Tennessee is the place to go. Enjoy Nashville’s musical history on the Insight Southern Grace (Luxury Gold) tour for an enthralling insight into this musical genre.

Walking on sunshine

The Sunshine State of Florida is another fabulous destination to discover in Southern USA. It is the most Southeastern US state and boasts hundreds of miles of sun-drenched beaches. Travel along the magnificent Florida Keys Scenic Highway and catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming and manatees gently floating by. Next, be intrigued by the vibrant city of Miami, famous for its beautiful Art Deco architecture, sandy beaches and glamorous nightlife. For further excitement, take a gripping ride through the Everglades, a tropical wetland with an abundance of wildlife where you will find snakes and alligators lurking in the waters and Osprey and Bald Eagles flying in the sky. Southern USA also has a rich historical and cultural side. Take a trip on Trafalgar’s Tales of the Old South tour and be transported back to a time when America was in its infancy. Walk the old cobbled streets of Savannah, Georgia and learn about its fascinating history, including the origins of the Girl Scouts and the First African Baptist Church. Then, explore the lovely Island of Hilton Head, known for its distinctive Lighthouse and golf courses. Last but not least, discover the charming port city of Charleston and enjoy a dinner cruise on the harbour or a delightful horse-drawn carriage ride through its enchanting historical streets.

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