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Coach Tours to Europe

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Europe is the original touring and adventure continent.

It is where royals and nobility lived and travelled. Poets and traders from Vikings to Romans have all shaped the architecture, language and traditions of Europe, many of which have changed little in the last 2,000 years Within the EU alone there are 23 official languages and more than 60 local languages, dialects and indigenous tongues. Language is no barrier to travel and English is widely spoken. If English doesn’t work, numerous apps and tools now help us in a more interactive way than a phrase book ever could.

Where to start

Planning on visiting Europe for the first time? So many iconic cities and must see places. Cosmopolitan London, chic Paris, ancient Rome, Amsterdam the ‘Venice of the north’ with its canals and café culture. Perhaps you like the cool north of Scandinavia or the buzzing Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Italy is the top of most people’s list, but in the last 20 years, Eastern Europe has opened up to tourism more than ever before, so you have far more choice. 

Choose any bus tour of Europe with us and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just book a flight to the city where your tour starts and we’ll take care of the rest. A guided tour in each place, a well planned itinerary plus free time ensures a touring vacation. How to use this page. Click ‘more info’ to see the itinerary, dates and prices. All the coach tours of Europe are listed in order of length, starting with the shortest ones. We’ve also created other categories such as Multicounty Europe Tours 7-10 days. 

You Can (Almost) See It All

By seeing several countries in one tour, the first time visitor to Europe learns which are their favorite European cities they would like to come back to. If your vacation time is short, an escorted tour of Europe by coach makes the best use of your time and removes all the hassle. Imagine having to book all your own hotels, trains, buses or car rental, finding your way around, knowing the best sightseeing tours to take and the highlights to see. It won’t be a stress free holiday at all. We take care of all of that and we have tours for every budget. For 18-35s we have Contiki tours. For all age groups over 5 we recommend CostSaver by Trafalgar or Trafalgar Tours themselves for those that want first class service and centrally located hotels.   ADVANCED SEARCH

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