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Ireland Tour Packages

Ireland tours offer one of the best ways to visit one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Although a relatively small country, Ireland has so much to offer anyone visiting it, with countless breath-taking sights found across the island.

The great thing about Ireland is that you can visit most of the country in a single vacation, with bus tours offering one of the most efficient ways to check out as much of the country as possible. Tour packages are varied, with each one designed to provide the chance to see some of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

From four-day tours that showcase the best parts of Dublin and the surrounding areas, to week-long journeys that take you across the entire country, there is an Ireland coach tour for every tourist looking to visit the Emerald Isle.

Giants Causeway

Flexible Bus Tours in Ireland

With a range of flexible bus tours in Ireland, it’s easy to find a package that suits your preferences. Whether that’s a four-day tour stay in Dublin that gives you the quintessential Irish holiday experience or an eight-day pub tour that takes you to famous watering holes for a taste of Ireland’s best beverages, we’ve got you covered.

There are tours focusing on sightseeing all the major cities in Ireland, tours that include both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and even tours that encompass the entire British Isles with several days in Ireland. 

All bus tours of Ireland are designed to show all the best the country has to offer. This includes tours of the capital city Dublin and its various sights, including famous pubs, historical buildings, and soaking up the famous Irish culture.

We also offer rides to the major towns and cities found throughout the sprawling Irish countryside, including visits Killarney, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, and more. Each location is steeped in natural beauty and rich history, making every stop a journey of its own.

Much More than Just a Bus Ride

Our bus tours offer more than just a ride to different parts of Ireland. We want you to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure your holiday is an unforgettable experience.

When booking an Ireland bus tour there are options to suit everyone. We have flexible packages that make it easy to find the right bus tour, from short trips lasting a few days to longer tours that let you see even more of the country.

All stops on bus tours are tailor-made to offer the best vacation possible. Only the best hotels and accommodation are chosen, while complimentary meals are included in every trip.

You also get experienced tour managers that brings your adventure to life, while experienced bus drivers know the best routes to take that allow you to soak up the breath-taking beauty of the Irish landscape.

The Best Ireland Bus Tours

Although there are many bus tours of Ireland available, choosing the right tour for you isn't that hard. There may be certain parts of the country you wish to visit, while different types of coach trips cater to different holiday experiences, from quiet tours of quaint Irish towns and villages to wild weekends in the country’s vibrant cities.

Dublin city

To make it easier to know what Ireland couch tour is perfect for you, check out some of the most popular tours currently available:

Dublin Tours

Ireland’s capital city Dublin remains one of the most popular tourist locations in the world. We have a range of bus tours that showcase all the best that Dublin has to offer, such as visits to the Guinness Storehouse and the historic General Post Office.

Tours of Dublin are very flexible, letting you hop on and off bus tours throughout the city at your leisure. You get to soak in the local atmosphere, check out the beautiful sights of Dublin, and enjoy the finest food and drink.

St Patrick’s Day Tours

There are fewer better ways to experience a short trip to Ireland than on St Patrick’s Day. One of the biggest dates on the Irish calendar, St Patrick’s sees the streets turn green and one unforgettable day of drinking, dancing, singing, and laughing.

Our St Patrick’s Day tours see you arrive in Dublin to celebrate the big day, after which you have a few days to sightsee and soak up the incredible culture of Ireland’s capital city.


Round Trip Tours of Ireland

Ireland has so much to offer that seeing it over a few days is quite challenging. So, to give visitors the opportunity to see as much as possible during their time in Ireland, we offer a range of circular tours that take you throughout the entire country, stopping at various villages, towns, and cities along the way. 

Typically lasting from 7 to 14 days, round trip tours make a loop of the entire island, stopping off at some of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. You can visit the major towns and cities throughout Ireland, each one offering a wealth of sights, while stops at the major scenic landscapes and monuments are also included. 

Each tour has a diverse itinerary to suit every tourist. From scenic drives through the famous tourist route the Ring of Kerry, to a ferry ride across the River Shannon Estuary, to passing through the stunning mountain ranges on your way to the town of Killarney. Our round trip tours of Ireland take you on an unforgettable trip throughout the Emerald Isle.

Ireland and Northern Ireland Tours

Why not take a trip north to visit historic cities in Northern Ireland during your trip? Our bus tours of Ireland and Northern Ireland show you the best of both countries, giving the chance to visit major towns and cities in each one, including capital cities Dublin and Belfast, and various locations along the way.

These tours often take a complete journey across the entire island covering both countries, offering the most comprehensive trip of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Given the scope of the journey these tours are often longer trips, lasting at least seven days - you need as much time to see everything on offer!


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