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One Way Coach Tours of Europe

Start in one city and finish in another.

One way guided coach tours are an excellent choice to make when considering a trip to Europe.
These tours tend to have more than one night’s stay in each country, which creates a more leisurely experience as you get to spend more free time in each city. This in turn allows for a more relaxed approach when exploring a place in your own time and at your own pace. One way tours can either start in London or a city in Europe. You can also get deeper into Europe on a short one way tour starting from London compared to a short round trip tour, handy if you want to visit places further afield like Italy as well. For example, the Trafalgar ‘European Traveller’ tour starts in London and covers Paris, Lucerne, Venice and Florence before ending in Rome for two nights. This allows you to cover France, Switzerland and three destinations in Italy in just 8 days.

This can also apply when visiting just one country such as Italy.
For example, Italy’s most popular locations can be covered in just 10 days on the Trafalgar ‘Great Italian Cities’ tour. On this tour you get to spend three nights each in Rome, Florence and Venice while also visiting Pompeii, Naples, Assisi, Pisa and Bologna – plenty of time to get a really in-depth experience of all the destinations. 

Leaving London aside, you can begin your adventure overseas 
Start a one way guided tour in Spain on the Trafalgar ‘Madrid to Rome’ 13 day tour. This magical Mediterranean tour covers the delightful attractions of Madrid and Barcelona, charming Avignon, the sublime French Riviera, opulent Monaco, beautiful Florence and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa before landing in Rome. On this exquisite tour the extra time in each place means you can really make the most of each day, creating the perfect balance of intriguing guided tours and relaxing free time. 

Many Scandinavian countries can also be travelled in one go on a one way tour.
The Trafalgar ‘Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords’ 14 day tour starts in Denmark, travels extensively through Norway before ending in Sweden. It provides a wonderful opportunity to see the varied spectacular landscapes and magnificent Fjords found in this amazing part of the world, with breath-taking views at every turn of the way. 

Even better, leisurely travel is further guaranteed if you decide to extend your stay before your tour, after or at both ends to get the most out of your travels. So get on board, enjoy the ride, and begin your journey of a lifetime.

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