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Europe and Britain 2017 save up to £1030 per couple*

*£1030 saving per couple (£515 per person) is based on maximum 10% Early Payment Discount saving on European Supreme guided holiday departing the 8th June 2017 when paid in full by 27 January 2016. Early Payment Discount is on the land-only portion of selected holidays and can be combined with other brochure discounts where applicable, does not apply to extra nights' accommodation, optional extensions, airfares, flight supplements and surcharges, taxes and fees and airport transfers.  A deposit is required on booking and the full amount must be paid by 27 January 2016 or no later than 45 days prior to departure for land only guided holidays, or 80 days prior for guided holidays including rail and/or cruise (whichever comes first) to qualify for the 10% Europe & Britain discount. Subject to availability at time of booking and may be withdrawn at any time.  

PLUS Group savings, triple room savings and more

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS - 4 days only, save 15% on selected tours and dates

Tour Name Departing Was Now Savings Promo Code MV Code Departure Code Start date End date
Spanish Wonder Mar-04 £1195 £1016 £179 PP16BF08 WPWOWB11 04C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Italy Mar-11 £1895 £1611 £284 PP16BF03 WTBOWB11 11C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Highlights of Spain and Portugal Mar-12 £1575 £1339 £236 PP16BF09 WHIGWB11 12C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Real Britain Mar-12 £850 £723 £127 PP16BF05 WIBTWB11 12C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Imperial Europe Mar-17 £1295 £1101 £194 PP16BF12 WEOXWB11 17C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Great Italian Cities Mar-17 £1625 £1382 £243 PP16BF01 WGICWB11 17C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Spanish Wonder Mar-18 £1195 £1016 £179 PP16BF08 WPWOWB11 18C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Real Britain Mar-19 £850 £723 £127 PP16BF05 WIBTWB11 19C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Simply Italy Mar-19 £1295 £1101 £194 PP16BF02 WISIAB11 19C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Irish Highlights Mar-19 £895 £761 £134 PP16BF07 WRIHWB11 19C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
European Traveller Mar-19 £1195 £1016 £179 PP16BF20 WTAVAWB11 19C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Great Italian Cities Mar-24 £1625 £1382 £243 PP16BF01 WGICWB11 24C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Spanish Wonder Mar-25 £1225 £1042 £183 PP16BF08 WPWOWB11 25C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Spain Morocco and Portugal Mar-25 £1850 £1573 £277 PP16BF11 WSMPWB11 25C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Italy Mar-25 £1950 £1658 £292 PP16BF03 WTBOWB11 25C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Highlights of Spain and Portugal Mar-26 £1575 £1339 £236 PP16BF09 WHIGWB11 26C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Simply Italy Mar-26 £1295 £1101 £194 PP16BF02 WISIAB11 26C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Irish Highlights Mar-26 £895 £761 £134 PP16BF07 WRIHWB11 26C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Imperial Europe Mar-31 £1295 £1101 £194 PP16BF12 WEOXWB11 31C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Great Italian Cities Mar-31 £1695 £1441 £254 PP16BF01 WGICWB11 31C17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Britain and Ireland Highlights Apr-01 £1325 £1127 £198 PP16BF06 BBIHB12 01D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Spanish Wonder Apr-01 £1225 £1042 £183 PP16BF08 WPWOWB11 01D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Great Italian Cities Apr-07 £1850 £1573 £277 PP16BF01 WGICWB11 07D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Italy Apr-07 £2095 £1781 £314 PP16BF03 WTBOWB11 07D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Britain and Ireland Highlights Apr-08 £1325 £1127 £198 PP16BF06 BBIHB12 08D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Britain and Ireland Grandeur Apr-08 £2795 £2376 £419 PP16BF04 BIGTB12 08D17a Nov-25 Nov-28
European Traveller Apr-09 £1550 £1318 £232 PP16BF21 ETAVAB12 09D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Simply Italy Apr-09 £1425 £1212 £213 PP16BF02 WISIAB11 09D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Spain Morocco and Portugal Apr-15 £1895 £1611 £284 PP16BF11 WSMPWB11 15D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Holland Apr-16 £1495 £1271 £224 PP16BF15 EBHOB12 16D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Imperial Europe Apr-21 £1595 £1356 £239 PP16BF13 CEOXB12 21D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg Apr-21 £1875 £1594 £281 PP16BF16 EHBLB12 21D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Balkan Delight Apr-22 £1975 £1679 £296 PP16BF14 BALKB12 22D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
European Traveller Apr-23 £1550 £1318 £232 PP16BF21 ETAVAB12 23D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Finland Russia and The Baltic States Apr-23 £2595 £2206 £389 PP16BF17 SCEHB12 23D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Grand European Apr-26 £3595 £3056 £539 PP16BF19 EGARB12 26D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Grand European with Eurostar Apr-26 £3935 £3345 £590 PP16BF19 EGARB112 26D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg Apr-28 £1875 £1594 £281 PP16BF16 EHBLB12 28D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Highlights of Spain and Portugal Apr-30 £1975 £1679 £296 PP16BF10 SHIGB12 30D17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg May-05 £1875 £1594 £281 PP16BF16 EHBLB12 05E17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Balkan Delight May-06 £2095 £1781 £314 PP16BF14 BALKB12 06E17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Best of Holland May-07 £1495 £1271 £224 PP16BF15 EBHOB12 07E17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Capitals of the North May-07 £2425 £2062 £363 PP16BF18 SCRUAB12 07E17a Nov-25 Nov-29
Imperial Europe May-12 £1650 £1403 £247 PP16BF13 CEOXB12 12E17a Nov-25 Nov-29

Save year round on Trafalgar Tours with discounts below

We’re always looking for ways to make travel easy, and our year-round savings certainly help. Find out how much you could save with Frequent Traveller Discounts, Room Share Reductions and more.

Family Experiences Savings

On our Family Experiences itineraries, we take the hassle – and some of the cost – out of group travel planning.

We offer a 5% discount to groups of five to eight people, a triple and quad room share reduction, plus a Young Traveller Discount.

Frequent Traveller Discount

Have you travelled with us or one of our sister companies in the last five years? If so, we’ll give you 5% off your next trip.


Only one discount is available per person, per year, and can be redeemed against each further land-only part of a trip. Frequent Traveller Discount does not apply to City Breaks and extra nights’ accommodation.

Group Discounts

Organising a trip for five to nine people? You can save 5% per person on the land-only part of your trip. Groups of 10 or more people can save even more on the land-only part of their trip. For more information, contact us or your local Travel Agent, who can give you a quote.

Second Trip Discount

Have twice the fun – save up to 2.5% when you book a second Trafalgar trip. Book two Trafalgar trips – both seven days or longer – and save up to 2.5% on the land-only portion of your shortest holiday.


Please note that holidays must be booked at the same time. The discount is per person only and does not apply to City Breaks, extra nights’ accommodation, extensions and airfares, taxes and fees, and airport transfers. Europe – excludes all Eastern Mediterranean holidays except the Greek Island Hopper, the Best of Greece (without cruise), the Highlights of Turkey (without cruise) and the Best of Turkey. Autumn, Winter & Spring Europe – excludes Real Britain, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. Asia – excludes Highlights of China and the Yangtze, and China Tibet and the Yangtze.

Single Traveller Saving

Are you travelling alone but don’t want to pay a single supplement? On many of our trips, we’ll give you the option to room share with another same-gender solo traveller, on a twin-bed basis.

Please note that we cannot guarantee roommates will be of a similar age group. If we fail to match you, we will provide a single room at no extra cost. This service does not apply to City Breaks, extra nights’ accommodation and all Eastern Mediterranean holidays – with the exception of Highlights of Turkey (without cruise) and the Best of Turkey. 

Single supplements may also not be available on specific itineraries; you'll be able to find this information in the departure notes on the Prices & Availability section of each trip's itinerary page.

Triple Room Share Reduction

Travel with three people sharing one room and each of you will receive a reduction on the land-only portion of your trip’s price. Each itinerary lists the triple room reduction per person.


Triple room reductions are based on sharing a twin or a double bedroom with an extra bed, which may be a ‘roll-away’. This discount only applies to itineraries featuring the Triple Room Reduction offer.

Young Traveller Discount

If you're travelling with a child between the age of five and 17, we’ll give you a discount of up to 10% on the land-only portion of their holiday. Young travellers must be under the age of 18 years on the date of departure, and must be accompanied by an adult (limit of one Young Traveller Discount per room). Please see below for a detailed breakdown of age groups for individual brochures:


Latest Early Payment Discounts



Holiday Companies in Derbyshire

 - list of holiday agencies, consultants and operators providing business and leisure travel 

Holiday Companies in Derbyshire


Brochure Age limits
5 - 11
At Leisure 5 - 18 (5 - 15 for Australia and New Zealand)
Australia and New Zealand
5 - 15
CostSaver 5 - 17
Europe and Britain 5 - 17
Family Experiences 5 - 17
Hidden Journeys 5 - 18 (5 - 11 for Asia)
South America 5 - 17
trips toCosta Rica and Panama 5 - 12
trips to Mexico 5 - 12
USA and Canada 5 - 17