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10 freshly pressed packing tips for your coach touring holiday!

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10 freshly pressed packing tips for your coach touring holiday!

Many people ask us what to take for their coach tour, so here are our packing tips.

1. Your cases:

You are allowed to bring one suitcase per person on your coach tour with the dimensions of 76cm x 46cm x 25cm (30in. x 18in. x 10in.) and weight not exceeding 23kg (50 lbs) due to the limited space on the coach. This is similar to the maximum weight allowed by airlines. You can also bring one piece of hand luggage, but unlike airline lockers, space inside the coach is more limited, so you should take something small enough to take on the coach and it must not have have telescope handles.

2. What type of clothes?

Will you need anything formal? This will depend on not only your personal preference, but the destinations you are visiting and the time of year you will be travelling. Check out your destination and climate at WordTravels. It is advisable to bring at least one ‘smart’ outfit for special evenings or highlight dinners, but this doesn’t mean a tuxedo or even a tie. If your itinerary visits  places of worship, you may be required to wear items that cover your shoulders and in some cases, knees. When travelling, we recommend bringing items that are casual and lightweight, and require little or no ironing.



3. How about laundry?

It depends how long your tour is and where you are going.  If you are going for less than 10 days you might be able to get away without doing any laundry.   The only chance you will have to do laundry is if you stay two nights in one place and get it done through the hotel.  If you don’t wish to use any laundry services, then you can always wash items in the bath in your hotel room! Hopefully they will dry by morning, but you may have to continue the drying plan next evening if you are moving to a another hotel.


4. Express packing tips!

Pack all those clothes in double-quick time! A genuinely useful YouTube video that shows you how to fold and pack in less than 3 seconds.


5. Labelling!

Label your case with the first destination and put your home address inside your case.


6. Wheelchairs and walking aids:

In most circumstances you are able to travel with a wheelchair on your trip as long as you are travelling with a person who is willing and able to provide personal assistance. Please advise us at the time of booking if you plan to bring a wheelchair to ensure we can meet your requirements. Remember that itineraries that visit old places frequently have uneven ground, steps or cobbled surfaces.


7. Travel sized products are lighter:

Toothpaste, shaving gels, lotions and creams. They are all available in travel size from your local pharmacy. Not only will they save weight, but you can take them on an aircraft in your hand luggage if they less than 100ml.  Top tip! Hand sanitizer – visiting tourist places, you touch lots of things that lots of other people have just touched. Reduce the risk of catching a bug by regular use of hand sanitizer. And wear sunscreen!


8. Umbrella:

Many couples share their umbrella. It means they only keep half dry. Travel with your own fold up umbrella (it’s better than a raincoat) and you will never be half wet, you’ll be totally dry. You may be lucky and have zero rainfall during your trip, but it’s best to be prepared for the odd shower.



9. Don’t let pickpockets spoil your holiday!

Keep valuables under cover. When you travel you must protect your passport and cash.  Pickpockets are more skilled than you might think and unfortunately are common in the popular tourist areas all over the world, so minimise your risk.  This is one of our most important packing tips: Use a neck or money belt that goes under your clothes.



10. Split belongings between two cases when travelling as a couple:

If one case goes astray neither person is left without a change of clothes and necessities. Also, have a credit card or ATM card per person, so if one person loses their wallet or purse, you still have spending power.

Once you have put your packing tips into practice you are ready to book your trip with Global Coach Tours.


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