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7 Reasons Why Visiting Rome Is A Bucket List Trip

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7 Reasons Why Visiting Rome Is A Bucket List Trip

While the Seven Hills of Rome are not as prominent today as they once were, developments and construction minimising their presence, the hills remain a famed part of Rome’s history. The origins of the city and the original city limits are forever tied to the hills, and this is why seven is such an essential number for the city.

Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with seven reasons why visiting Rome is a bucket list trip.

If you love art and culture, you will adore Rome

One of the most important reasons to travel is to indulge in other cultures, and the heritage of Rome is second to none. If you love art, you can spend your entire trip visiting museums, galleries and palaces. With many trips and expeditions focused on artwork and culture, you can enjoy some of the finest, and most famous, creations of all time.

Of course, you don’t need to visit galleries to marvel at the beauty of art in Rome. There is an extensive selection of murals and street art in Rome, offering a different take on the artistic endeavour. If your tastes are aligned with pop culture than historical renderings, the Pop Stairs project is well worth following.

Rome has a history which is of colossal significance

The imperial past of Rome means the city is regarded as the birthplace of many of the leading people, and ideals, of all time. As you would expect from a location where the city centre is featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List, there is so much to see and do.

With walks and tours focusing on Ancient Rome, you can encounter how life used to be in the forums and markets in one of the most impressive and imposing civilisations of the world. Even if you (or your travelling companions) don’t consider yourself to be history buffs, the story of Rome resonates through so many of the greatest movie and TV shows of all time, people will feel immediately at home.

If you want to take the stress out of planning a coach trip to Rome, Trafalgar offer suitable options that ensure you make the most of your trip. The Italian Holiday option is ideal for people who are keen to explore and enjoy the Vatican before the crowds descend. For those looking to see more of Europe, the European Traveller trip includes time in Rome, alongside many other leading desinations.

The architecture of Rome is stunning

Flowing neatly from the historical importance of Rome, the architecture of the city is like no other destination in the world. The architecture of Rome owes so much to the different times known by the city, and you can experience examples of imperial, Renaissance and Baroque era architecture.

Whether you decide to visit the palaces and noble residences or view the famous aqueducts at first hand, lovers of architecture will adore Rome.

Dining and drinking in Rome is an exquisite treat

Italian food is known and revered around the world, and when you dine and drink in Rome, you have a chance to try the most authentic Italian dishes in the heart of the nation. Pizza, pasta, meats and some of the most delicious sauces you can find are the order of the day in Rome. No matter your budget, or your determination to find the most authentic taste of Rome, you will love every meal in the Eternal City.

Find the fashion which works for you

Italy, and Rome, are intertwined with style, labels and a timeless sense of cool. If you are looking to buy the biggest brands and names, make your way to Via dei Condotti which is opposite Piazza di Spagna. You will find brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Bulgari here.

If you have a more limited budget but still want stylish items, make your way to Via del Corso or Via Nazionale.

Rome is the capital of Christianity

For many travellers, a trip to Rome isn’t complete without a visit to the Vatican. Whether you are keen to seek an audience with the Pope or you wish to see the Sistine Chapel in all its glory, a trip focusing on the critical areas of Christianity in Rome is perfect for historians, religious people, and those who like to be where people are.

The fountains of Rome are stunning and plentiful

While Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world, drawing huge numbers of tourists each day, it is just one of the fantastic fountains in the city. Throughout the years, particularly during the Renaissance and Baroque eras, a run of Popes tried to outdo their predecessor in creating the most ornate and attractive fountains, creating a legacy which ensures today’s tourists have many brilliant sights to check out. On a hot day, cooling down by one of the most exquisite fountains you will see in the world is a treat.

If you are keen to enjoy the very best of what Rome has to offer, and you would like to minimise the stress and inconvenience of booking travel, rely on Global Coach Tours. We are pleased to say we provide an extensive range of tours across Europe, and our trips to Rome are amongst our most popular, and our most shared on social media. If you want to enjoy these seven reasons, and a whole lot more, in experiencing Rome, we can help you tick off a bucket list trip, so contact us today.

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