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Monaco must be one of your stops!

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Monaco must be one of your stops!

Monaco is a sovereign city state that is situated in Southern Europe. Monaco has much to offer visitors. There are so many thrilling sites to see there. It is also known for its glitzy casinos and its yacht-lined harbour. It is truly a mesmerising place to visit. Many of our tours stop there such as The Principalities of Europe by Insight Vacations. Here you will find the list of things to visit in Monaco.

The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium in Monaco


Photo credit: jeffwilcox 

This was established by the scientist prince Albert I in 1910. It is one of the fascinating must-see spots in Monaco, especially if you like aquariums. This place has everything, you can see there numerous species you have never seen in your lifetime. You can discover the fantastic mix of sea life, art and historical artifacts. Likewise, if you go there, it offers a nice rooftop view, a new playground as well as a cafe. Moreover, this is a very easy museum and aquarium to get through and children can wander around at their leisure. So, you will have a good time exploring the aquariums there. You will see some very exotic and large fish.

Monte-Carlo Casino

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This Grand Casino is a luxury palace located in the central quarter of the principality of Monaco. This Casino is made up of gorgeous architecture and stained glass. It is set in a formal garden and can give you splendid views over Monaco. Therefore, if you like to play games, the atmosphere is full of richness and glamour there. Inside this beautiful building, it’s extraordinarily lavish. There is a wide range of table games like the « Salons Privés », « Salle des Amériques » and « Les Supers Privés ». Besides, there are the usual slot machines to try. Apart from that, if you want to explore some other beautiful sites in Monte Carlo, you can rent a luxury car at gpluxurycarhire, it helps you to complement the visit.

The Exotic Garden of Monaco

                               Photo credit: seanavigatorsson 

In French, this spot is called « Jardin Exotique de Monaco ». It is located in the principality of Monaco on the Mediterranean coast between Nice and Menton. The garden contains lots of tropical plant life and had a nice layout that allows you to leisurely stroll through to enjoy everything. This garden worth a visit as you will see hundreds of cacti and succulents. Furthermore, you can get amazing views across Monaco there. Many different vistas and plenty of seats are found there as well. After making a tour of the garden, there is a large cavern that you can visit at the bottom of the garden. The cavern is full of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and columns that you can discover.

Some genuine yachts to see in Monaco

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This whole city is beautifully clean and picturesque with tons of enviable yachts. There, you can see at least 4 of the top yachts in the world at any one time. For a case in point, you can uncover the Silver Fast, the Solandge, the Twizzle and the super yacht I Dynasty. The luxury of the yachts in Monaco is unbelievable. You can attend the Monaco Yacht Show where some of the newest luxury yachts are on display. You can even wander round the fantastic yachts and super yachts in this city.

In this way, you should not miss out all these places. There are lots of things you can do in Monaco such as admiring the Oceanographic Museum. It is a great opportunity to visit Monte Carlo that has an elegant casino as well. Additionally, you can spend a few leisurely moments at the Exotic Garden.

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