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Travel the Globe with your Favourite Group

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Travel the Globe with your Favourite Group

Group travel basically involves travelling with your favourite people. This can be family, friends, wedding parties, school trips – the list is endless. People in general like to travel with other people who they know and trust. Exploring foreign lands together can create adventures and wonderful memories that can be shared for years to come.



There are also excellent advantages when travelling as a group. For one, the cost can be reduced considerable as you will find many deals that offer fantastic discounts for group travel. For example, Trafalgar offer a 5% discount to groups of five to nine people, as well as offering ‘Family Experiences’ itineraries which offer a 5% discount to groups of five to eight people. They also offer a triple and quad room share reduction.



Other advantages include being able to arrange group discounts on activities, food and drinks. Plus, the bigger the group the cheaper it will be in terms of sharing expenses. As a result, you can all afford that holiday of a lifetime for far less than you would if you were travelling with a partner or alone. 




People also feel safer when they are with those they know, plus there is strength in numbers. There can also be more fun when exploring with others, with exciting adventures to seek, and unforgettable memories to make.


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