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Music Festivals Around the World!

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Music Festivals Around the World!


What could be better than exploring the world by coach, boat or plane and indulging in a music festival.

From Great Britain to the USA and everywhere in between, get the experience of a lifetime by catching a music festival when on your coach travels. Find some inspiration below to get you started:


1. Glastonbury

Somerset, UK


Glastonbury takes place in June and has a capacity for around 200,000 people.

It was founded in 1970 by Michael Eavis as the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, and as well as music, now boasts theatre, dance, comedy, cabaret, arts and crafts as well as healing as an attraction.


2. Bestival

Isle of Wight, UK



Bestival usually takes place in September on the Isle of Wight and has a capacity for around 79,000 people.

The Isle of Wight festival has a reputation for awesome line-ups, and this year is no exception. From Fatboy Slim to Years and Years, Bestival has it all.

You'll also find a fire-spewing steel spider and other quirky experiences. It's also child friendly with plenty of activities on offer.



3. Coachella

Indio, USA


Coachella dates are in April and has a capacity of 99,000.

Coachella is held on polo grounds in the desert not far from the Joshua Tree National Park, so hats, water and sunblock is a must.

Dance, drink and enjoy nostalgic music until the sun sets spectacularly behind the San Jacinto mountains.


4. Golden Plains

Victoria, Australia



Golden Plains is held in March and is much smaller than most of the other festivals with a capacity of just 10,000.

This festival has a communal vibe and is kept on a smaller scale so there is plenty of space for everyone to camp and get some peace.

The festival has developed some quirky traditions over time, including a salute from the crowd to the best performers at the festival in the form of shoe or boot being held in the air.


5. Governors Ball

New York, USA


The Governors Ball dates are in June and has a daily capacity of 45,000.

New York City’s only major music festival has now moved from its original location on Governors Island, in view of the Statue of Liberty to Randall’s Island.

This festival regularly attracts the big acts and has the advantage of being in the Big apple for a walk around afterwards.

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