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Spring Gardens Around the World

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Spring Gardens Around the World


The stunning beauty of a spring garden in all its glory is amber nectar to the soul and makes us feel that little bit more humble about our world.

Beautiful gardens are there for a reason, they have been created for us to enjoy and basically give us time in our lives to "smell the roses".

Sample the Dutch delights of the Keukenhof tulip garden in Spring on the Amsterdam Tulip Long Weekend coach tour, or find below some more of the worlds most extraordinary gardens:


1. Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England


Explore the world’s most famous botanic garden - Kew Gardens, and immense yourself in the wonderful landscapes, astonishing historic buildings and glasshouses,  and a vast range of beautiful and rare plants.

Witness the glorious awakening of spring beauty and surround yourself with the stunning colours of the rainbow which are erupting around you.

The Kew Gardens are particularly enchanting in spring when flowers start to come alive and take over the gardens.

Not to miss is the Cherry Walk when in bloom, the Davies Alpine house with its displays of unusual and exotic bulbs, the magnificent magnolias and of course, the bluebells which carpet the Woodland area at Kew in April and May.


2. Château de Versailles Gardens

Versailles, France

An outstanding example of  French garden design, Versailles’ vast gardens are notably famous for stunning tree-lined paths, ingenious geometrically aligned terraces and magical ponds, fountains and canals. The Versailles Chateau Gardens cover in excess of 800 hectares of land and were designed by the landscape architect Andre Le Notre.

One of the main focal points of the garden are the 50 fountains which come to life from late spring to early autumn. Other features include the horses and chariot of the Apollo Fountain and the Grand Canal, amazing sculptures and the Orangerie.

The splendour of the gardens are at their best in the spring and summer where you can wander all day long soaking up the wonderful surroundings of water features, sculptures and enchanting flowers.


3. Villa d'Este

Tivoli, Italy

waldomiguez / Pixabay[/caption]

A Renaissance cardinal, Ippolito II d’Este, brought this extraordinary Italian garden to life by first starting the transformation of a dilapidated Benedictine monastery into what Villa d'Este is today.

This recently listed UNESCO wonder has one of the most enchanting and fascinating garden and fountain complexes in the world, built in the mannerist and baroque styles.

You can find the large shell-shaped Fontana del Bicchierone, the Avenue of the Hundred Fountains and the Rometta fountain which has a wolf-suckling Romulus and Remus.

With its vast array of fountains and grottoes, nymphs and bewitching water features, the gardens of the Villa d'Este is an experience not to be missed.


4. Sanssouci

Potsdam, Germany


The Sanssouci Palace was commissioned by Frederick the Great in 1744 and built by Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff in the Rococo design. The style of  architecture became known as "Frederician Rococo" because of the King's considerable influence.

You can stroll around the beautiful gardens and take in the impressive architecture of Sanssouci Palace as well as the many  temples and follies in the park.

Sanssouci and its extensive gardens became a public museum in East Germany after World War II, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.

Walk through this beautiful landscape and see the vision the King saw.


5. Butchart Gardens

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The Butchart Gardens were created by Jennie Butchart in 1921 and are filled with excess of 700 varieties of extraordinary plants that bloom from March to October.

This visually outstanding garden has to be seen to be believed. Every corner of this magnificent place bombards your senses, from the fountains to the bronze statues, the Rose Carousel to the many ornamental birds, all lit up at night with illuminations.

This enchanting place will leave you wanting more, not just in spring , but through all the seasons of the year.

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