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3 Reasons to Plan a Holiday Trip to Ireland This Summer

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3 Reasons to Plan a Holiday Trip to Ireland This Summer

People are becoming less material and more personal goal-oriented, while they still have the time. This is a trend worth engaging with, since enriching your heart and mind with culture, new people and new experiences should be on your priority list. One of the ways to do this is to travel around the world and what better way to start than Ireland? This beautiful country stands as a rare and exquisite jewel, so make sure to include it in your personal collection. This is a land which every traveler should visit for its mystery, romance and history. So why not leave an indelible mark and enrich your life many notches?

Beautiful Ireland

When to Visit Ireland

The best time to visit Ireland is during summer - unless you fancy endless downpours. Summer is the time when the weather is moderately warm, colour rich and sunny. Although there are many reasons to visit Ireland in the summer let us look at three major ones.

Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage

There are more than 340 castles in Ireland and they were built by the British, Irish, and Scottish during different eras of conflict in the tumultuous past of the land. These castles are the remnants of this anything but quiet history of Ireland. Few things inspire the wistfulness and romance that castles do and if you grew up with childhood wonders associated with mysterious castles then you will certainly get your wishes. Apart from the castles there are other icons of culture and history that simply ooze out at you all over the islands. There were the Viking raids, the fringe influence of the Roman civilization, and the druidic culture to some extent. Other than these, the culture of Ireland is untouched and totally Celtic in nature. You can also go through the book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin or indulge in some non-written Celtic nodes of history in burial mounds and ancient monasteries.


Beautiful castles


Burial mound


Oy, Them Festivals!

There are many festivals celebrated in Ireland that are completely intrinsic to this place. Some of these festivals may have a religious background while some others are purely for fun. One of the examples is the Galway International Oyster Festival, which takes part every year. If you are not so fond of oysters and prefer the creative things, then you can visit the Dublin writers’ festival or the Dance festival. For the food lovers there is the Gourmet Food Festival in Kinsale and, why not, the Battle for the Bay, as well. There is also a 400 year old festival known as the Puck fair in Killogrin. This festival is celebrated in August every year, with people filling the streets with live music, lot of drinking and a cattle fair for domesticated animals along with everything you could possibly expect in a festival.

Speaking of, who can forget St Patrick’s Festival? We know we can’t!

Street music


They celebrate St Patrick's day even in new York!


Blessed By Nature and Its Beauties

Ireland abounds in natural beauty with sights like the Cliff of Moher, making you feel awed by the size and scope of the earth. Although cities such as Belfast and Dublin are the ones that attract travelers, the beautiful countryside is what Ireland is all about. You can also take a trip along the Ring of Kerry, a circular drive in Kerry county about 111 miles long. There are hundreds of things to see on the way and you can choose to take a hike along this path rather than traveling in a vehicle.

The beautiful cliffs of moher


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