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Inside Out with Trafalgar!

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Inside Out with Trafalgar!

Experience more with Trafalgar 

When travelling on holiday, we mostly get to look at the touristy type places and popular experiences that are on offer.

However, sometimes we may want to broaden our experiences and find out what a culture and its people are really like.

So, if you want to get a truly authentic insight into the local culture of your destination, you’ll love Trafalgar's hand-picked Insider Experiences.

Authentic and exclusive, Insider Experiences introduce you to the people, places and moments that are only possible by getting into the heart of a local community and its culture.



Be My Guest

Trafalgar's Be My Guest experiences are extremely popular as they allow you to meet interesting characters by dining with families in their own homes.

Interestingly, food and drink tastes so much better when it’s shared with local people who have many tales to tell. It gives you a deeper understanding of their lives and history.

You'll also have the chance to learn how to cook regional dishes, and share a glass of wine with winemakers at their own vineyards.

Be My Guest dining at a French chateau on the Best of France tour and be truly inspired.


Best of France

Châteaux, chic beach resorts, cheese and wine – all you want to see and taste in France. But this in-depth experience also peels back the layers to reveal the soul of this great country.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… learning the strategic importance of Carcassonne's double ring of ramparts with its 52 towers from our local historian, and why the fortified town made such a good backdrop for the film 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'.


Local Specialists

Local Specialists are local people such as dancers, archaeologists, geologists and artisans who can provide you with the information to take you deeper into the local culture. They allow you to see things in a fresh and vital way and supply you with fresh insights and anecdotes to make your trip memorable.

For example, if you’re in Amsterdam, they’ll take you to the Royal Delft Pottery workshop to witnes porcelain being hand-painted by expert artisans. Similarly, when you to visit Seville, you get the chance to learn flamenco dancing.

Be inspired by the Local Specialists on the European Highlights tour.



European Highlights

Discovering six countries, this introduction to Europe compares its big players, France and Germany, and their smaller neighbours, Switzerland and The Netherlands.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… smelling sawdust in the air as German clockmakers craft cuckoo clocks in front of you, in a fairy tale Black Forest setting that feels like it's straight from a Hansel and Gretel pop-up book.


Authentic Accommodation

Some of the hotels on a Trafalgar tour capture local culture in a way that’s entirely unique and are truly ‘Authentic Accommodation'; there’s nothing like waking up in a place that is steeped in history.


Ruthin Castle is a beautiful historical retreat nestled in acres of parkland in North Wales. Indulge yourself with exquisite dining, experience a Medieval Feast and unwind in the distinctive spa which rests beside the rustic woodland grounds of The Castle’s original moat.

You can indulge in this royal gem on the magical Castles And Kilts tour.



Castles And Kilts

Castles, Crown Jewels and Harry Potter – this classic family experience introduces the history, mystery and magic of England, Wales and Scotland.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… entering a red telephone box to imagine Harry Potter's descent to the Ministry of Magic, and finding Platform 9¾ as you search for the Hogwarts Express with an expert at this famous train station.


Cultural Insights

"When in Rome do as the Romans do". Likewise, when travelling anywhere, do as the locals do to gain a true insight into their culture and what they enjoy doing.

So, for example, in Italy Trafalgar will take you to the Vatican’s Bramante staircase, a spiral of carved stone which is usually out of bounds to the general public.

Likewise, when visiting Barcelona, as well as seeing Gaudi’s incredible buildings and sculptures, Trafalgar will take you to Camp Nou – FC Barcelona’s football stadium, for an experience of a totally different kind.

Embrace cultural insights on the Spanish Wonder tour.


TRAVELKR / Pixabay - Gaudi’s incredible buildings and sculptures


Spanish Wonder

Explore every side of Andalusia, including its Moorish twist, and visit the principal Spanish cities of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona – with passionate experts on every encounter.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… exploring Toledo's ancient cobbled streets with a local historian, who leads you into the cool tranquillity of the Church of Tomé to reveal the hidden meaning behind El Greco's Burial of Count Orgaz.


Hidden Treasures

Trafalgar's desire to discover more has unearthed many Hidden Treasures that they’ll share with you. You might see an intriguing building that’s off the beaten path or a lesser-known piece of artwork with a unique story to tell.

In Warsaw, Poland, hear about the heroic history behind the Little Insurgent and discover a story that helps you understand what the city and its people are all about.

You can do this on the Highlights of Eastern Europe tour which takes you to Warsaw as well as many other amazing places.



Iwona_Olczyk / Pixabay[/caption]



Highlights of Eastern Europe

The major capitals of Eastern Europe are encountered on this multi-country trip – showing you the contrasts and nuances between the places that once lay either side of the Iron Curtain.You'll enjoy Insider moments like... being welcomed into Europe's capital cities by people who live there – and experiencing its traditional rural life, by returning to nature for two nights at Slovenia's scenic Lake Bled.


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