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You Don’t Have to Be Irish to Fall in Love with Ireland: The Coach Touring Experience

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You Don’t Have to Be Irish to Fall in Love with Ireland: The Coach Touring Experience


The Emerald Isle


Ireland is not just about natural beauty, but a magical land every step of the way, often being referred to as the Emerald Isle, the third largest island in Europe. Plus, it is the best place to visit if you want to be amazed – simple as that.

Emerald waterfall


If you don’t believe us, check out our reasons.



The heritage of this island is simply mesmerizing. From ancient castles built by the Scottish, British and Irish in different eras, to the beautiful buildings that showcase excellent Irish architecture, there are many things to revel in. The entire country is packed with museums and historical monuments. Then again there are the ancient Celtic monasteries that have mostly been converted to satisfy more modern purposes. Festivals being celebrated for centuries like the Puck festival also provide a colorful interlude in our daily lives.

Belfast castle


Monastery Ruin in Ireland


People and Passed Down Legacies

The Irish people are very friendly and don’t mind welcoming strangers in their midst. It is not uncommon for Irish folks to mingle and drink festively with total strangers. Here, you might find a lot of diversity in the lifestyles of those living in cities like Dublin, with modern buildings, trendy clothes and modern lifestyle, while in the countryside you can still be able to find people living in thatched roof cottages and heating their homes with peet. The youngsters learn the importance of song and dance from an early age and they make room for it in their lifestyle. A lot of respect is still given to age old traditions and these things are enough to leave you awestruck with this place.

Irish countryside living


Food and pubs

It can be easily said that while in Ireland if you have not visited a pub then your visit is incomplete. There is a strong pub culture here and people go to pubs to simply relax and spend time with friends, and to enjoy the excellent local food and drinks. The Irish pubs are full of laughter, music and warmth. You can find them everywhere, all offering the same feel and Irish beer. Ireland is also famous for the variety of food that it has to offer. Some of the favorite dishes include lamb, oysters, beef, and seafood on the coasts. The Irish breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, white and black pudding, fruits and pastries. The menu for the Irish breakfast remains the same no matter where you go. You must also try the soda bread while you are here as each grocery store has this bread.

The Irish pubs are full of laughter, music and warmth


There are many remnants of an Ireland of the past, along with the rich culture of the land, the numerous places of interest and the excellent food and drinks. Everything here makes Ireland a land perfect for the travel buffs. In fact many people who visit Ireland fall in love with it. You can have the best of Ireland, especially with our Irish coach tour offers.

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