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Let Contiki Indulge your Wanderlust!

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Let Contiki Indulge your Wanderlust!

Taking time out after months of hard study and exams is one sure way to get your head, mojo or whatever you feel you need to get back !

A lot of students like to indulge their wandering spirits by setting off on an adventure of a lifetime either between college and university or between university and getting that dream job.

This allows for a real cooling off period from all the stress that has engulfed their lives during their strive for academic success.

We all need an off switch that enables us to ‘just live’ without all the constraints of the on button that tells us to ‘succeed’ no matter what.

Most employers would probably be glad to have someone on board that has lived a bit and experienced some of what life’s got to offer!

Take heart that you are not alone for this thirst for adventure. I think the need to explore this wondrous world of ours is there the minute we are born and never really leaves us.

Some prefer to do it alone, wandering the earth to see what will behold them. Others, not so much, as being part of a group is one way to get to know new people on their once in a

lifetime journey.


 Planning is the key – it allows you to pick and choose the places you most want to see.

Being part of a tour is even better because others do the hard work for you.

Say you wanted to visit Dubrovnik in Croatia so you can see for yourself where ‘Game of Thrones’ is filmed, or the home of the legendary explorer Marco Polo, or just the blue water &

rocky Adriatic coastline.

A Croatian Island Hopper tour would be just what you are looking for.


The choice is vast out there for anyone wanting the time of their life. You can decide where you want to go, what you want to see and when you want to see it by just browsing and  

choosing a tour that best suits you.

Forget having to choose different hotels and worrying about how you are going to get about, every thing is done for you – your only job is to enjoy yourself big time!!

Contiki Tours even do a Backstage pass that gives you an incredible exclusive experience. From exclusive food to exclusive accommodation to exclusive access to the best sights, your

Backstage Pass gives you unbeatable value & a completely unique travel experience.

Book with Global Coach Tours for your once in a

lifetime journey.

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