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10 Tips for Responsible Travel!

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10 Tips for Responsible Travel!


Travel is one of the best ways to broaden our minds and enrich our lives, and to do this, we explore our environment in as many places as we can, either on our own or from guided holidays.

It is therefore our responsibility to protect these places we set out to explore, including its communities, culture, and environment.

If we travel responsibly, we leave a positive impact, which creates a positive image of visitors, encouraging the growth of travel and tourism as a whole.


See below 10 tips for responsible travel:





1. Book direct flights


A large amount of a plane's carbon emissions occur during take-off and landing.


2. Help towards a cleaner atmosphere.

Rather than hiring a car, use public transport, hire a bike or walk to explore a new destination.


3. Take only pictures and only leave footprints.


Catch memories on camera, not by taking souvenirs from the natural environment which can leave devastating lasting effects.


4. Tread lightly as you travel.

Stick to designated trails, leaving structures and the natural surrounding untouched.


5. Recycle.

Separate glass, plastic, paper and metal and recycle whenever possible.


6. Share holiday books and brochures.

Pass them on to family and friends when you have finished with them, or recycle them.


6. Minimize waste.

Take your own reusable water and shopping bags for the duration of your trip.


7. Unplug before leaving home.

Unplug lights and appliances not is use before leaving for your tour.



8. Use water sparingly.

Use water sparingly when showering and brushing your teeth at your hotel.



9. Reuse hotel towels.

Reuse hotel towels at least for another day instead of having them replaced daily.



10. Switch off.

Turn off hotel lights and air conditioning when not in your room.

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