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Unveil The Majesty Of The North

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Unveil The Majesty Of The North

While Scandinavia and the North of Europe may not be the leading tourist attraction for some people, it is a part of the world with a strong story to sell. You may be surprised at the variety of attractions on offer, which is why we are delighted to unveil the majesty of the north in a special tour.

Copenhagen is a natural starting point, and you can venture into the world of Hans Christian Andersen. Of course, in more recent times, the impact of Hygge has been felt around the world, and it is entirely befitting of Copenhagen. If you are looking for a quaint and comfortable setting, this is one of the most beautiful destinations you can find.

Enjoy the little mermaid in Copenhagen

However, to see the best of Copenhagen, make sure you join up with a local specialist and enjoy a walking tour of the city. You can admire 17th and 18th-century buildings and facades, explore the fun of Tivoli Gardens and hear about the Little Mermaid.

Heading into Norway, you can marvel at the heritage which has been maintained over hundreds of years. Stavanger is one of the oldest settlements in the country, and you will love the wooden buildings which have been beautifully preserved since the 18th century.

In Bergen, you get to enjoy the mix of traditional and working life.

A hectic fish market is a busy place of work while the Bryggen quarter is sure to catch your eye. This stop allows you to enjoy the islands and the fjords, creating the perfect backdrop for pictures of your trip.

Anyone who loves skiing will appreciate the trip to Voss, while the stunning train journey will captivate everyone. With waterfalls and folk talks surrounding the area, this is an intriguing part of Scandinavia, which is sure to keep you entertained.

Of course, many people are keen to enjoy the deep blue waters of Norway, with the country offering up a stunning glacial countryside.

What do you want to see in Scandinavia?

If you have kept up to date with Scandinavian TV shows, Lillehammer will likely be on your must-see destinations. Previously best known for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics, the level of interest in Scandinavia has increased considerably in recent times due to their more fascinating of exports.

You also have the chance to see Oslo and Stockholm

Two stunning cities, packed full of culture, history, art and contemporary settings. Whether you want to learn about Vikings, opera or just explore buildings and architecture which is hugely different to what you are familiar with, this is a trip which provides you with everything you could want or need.

As you would expect, breakfast is taken care of every day of the trip, and evening meals are provided for around half of the journey when you travel with Trafalgar to Scandinavia and the North of Europe. These events often allow you the chance to dine with locals, and on the other nights, you have an opportunity to explore the local area and pick your meal.

With comfortable coach travel aided by stylish train trips, and dependable hotels offering comfort, you are sure to enjoy what Scandinavia has to offer. Why not try Trafalgar’s  9 day ‘Capitals of Scandinavia’ trip? Live a little lagom and embrace the friluftsliv of your stylish Scandinavian hosts on this glorious in-depth encounter with the stylish capitals of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Trafalgar is a highly regarded travel brand who have been operating since 1947. The company is dedicated to creating travel plans that wow and excite travellers, no matter the destination. At Global Coach Tours, we are pleased to help passengers find the best standard of trip across Scandinavia, and we are sure you will have a brilliant time.

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